10 Funniest Apple iPhone Apps Ever
July 22nd, 2019 | Post by :- | 163 Views

The Apple App Store has more than 200,000 apps. We pick out the top ten funniest apps ever.

When you are feeling blue and the world has turned its back on you, what do you do? Reach for your iPhone and cheer yourself up with a gander at the latest, funniest new Apps available of course. We list ten of the craziest iPhone Apps around, which are sure to cure your blues. 

Cat Piano

Do you love cats Do you love music? Then this app combines your love for both, so that you can channel your inner Keyboard Cat. It has various cat noises, drum beats and a cute smiling kitty interface.

Action Movie FX

Ever had one of those days when you wish your boss would be snatched up by aliens? This special effects app turns amateurs into the next Spielberg. You can smash a car, short lasers, drop a concrete ball on someone’s head, etc.

iSwap Faces

This app is well worth the $1.99 download – to see the face of one friend on the body of another! There are free versions with the same concept, but this one allows you to control where exactly the face is located. Then you can adjust size, placement and skin tone to make the face swap look more natural. 

Brace Face

Ever reminisced about your teen years? Perhaps you forgot they were filled with hormonal angst, pimples and metal mouth-wear. Or maybe you were fortunate enough to never wear braces. In any case, this $0.99 app, will remind how good you look with a tin smile.

Bieber Me

Most of us can only imagine what it’d be like to hang out with Justin Bieber, sans a million screaming teens. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Surprise all your friends by putting a different side of the Bieber in every photo. There are enough stickers to last you a year’s worth of profile pics – may be two years, if you purchase the $4.99 expansion packs.

Dragon Detecter

Fun Fact: There are fire-breathing dragons flying around the air right now, even above your head as you read this. Or there will be, after you downloaded this incredibly important augmented reality app. Watch in sheer terrified amazement as dozens of dragons appear out of thin air through your iPhone. Perhaps, you’ve always wanted to channel your inner Daenerys. In that case, there’s also a virtual pet dragon feature that allows you to throw fire on your mortal enemies.

The Onion

The classic parody newspaper with you wherever you go. Full of satire, sarcasm and wit. The Onion keeps no one’s feelings in mind. Providing sarcastic headlines, full length articles and humorous spins on current world events. This is absolute must have app.


If you’re someone who enjoys laughing at other people’s pain, then this is the app for you. Here’s how it works. When someone has a day worthy of exclaiming, “@#$% my life”, they post it to the site. Now, you open up the app on your iPhone and scroll through all the latest rants in a twitter stream like fashion.

Texts From Last Night

This app is kind of similar to FML. It aggregates humorous drunken text messages blurbs sent in by its followers. It lets you filter by rating: best weekly, best ever and best from last night.


Demoralizer lets you create your own demoralizing pictures and stay up with Internet’s memes. Choose a snapshot from your cameral roll and pick a slogan such as ‘Failure’, ‘Stupidity’, etc. Like most apps nowadays, you can then upload your demoralizing picture to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

This shows that how important the humor is in our life!!!

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